Episode 2-04 Josh & Rich “New Hampshire’s Favorite Sons”

Hey folks, this is our favorite episode we’ve done yet. Not just because I get to talk to friends I hadn’t seen in over a decade (who are successful in their own right), but also because it’s the most concise episode (unedited!). I met Josh and Rich when they were in college, through a mutual friend. At the time they were doing comic strips for the school newspaper and filming a slasher movie (made for $100) and put me in the movie and in one of their comic strips (below). They’ve moved on since to create an anthology book of strips (The Fat Squad) and a serial comic book (The Red Claw). They also do a successful food blog (The Fat Guy Food Blog). We sat down to talk after a theatrical screening of “The Killer”, which was somewhat of a reunion, at least for me, with all of these great creative people. Not only are these guys without a doubt hilarious and entertaining, but listening to this podcast after the fact totally compels me to check out all of their current works!

http://www.fatsquad.com – The Fat Squad comic universe

http://fatguyfoodblog.blogspot.com – The Fat Guy Food Blog

http://joshuaandrewbelanger.com – Josh Belanger, the sickest artist I know.

by Josh Belanger

by Joshua Andrew Belanger

GoT - F The King by Josh

Fuck The King by Joshua Andrew Belanger

by Rich Brunelle

Cool creepy pic by Rich Brunelle III

Red Claw #4 by Josh and Rich

Cover of the Red Claw #4 by Josh Belanger and Rich Brunelle


Episode 2-02 “Spic and Span (part 1)”


My friend Glimar (Glee-marrr) talks to me about society, the class war, and how immigrants are viewed in America. As she is Puerto-Rican, I thought it fitting to play two songs by Spanish-Speaking Punk Bands:

De Nalgas – Apaga La Television
Union 13 – Roots Radicals (Rancid Cover)

Now available on iTunes or stream from soundcloud below:

Episode 2-01 “Nerd Girl”


First episode of the new season is now on iTunes!

I talk to my friend Cristina about being nerdy, society, and punk rock.

Featured Music:

Lagwagon – “B-side”

Strung Out – “Black Maps”

Teenage Bottlerocket – “Bullshit”


Dave Is A Prick – Episode 4 – Pizza Punks Unite

Stream on Podomatic Here:

Dave Is A Prick – Episode 4 – Pizza Punks Unite (October 3, 2012)



Ben Colbath & Jamie Oakes

Featured Tracks:
Frank Turner – “One Foot Before The Other”
Bouncing Souls – “Kate Is Great”
The Queers – “Murder In The Brady House”
Jeffrey Lewis – “No LSD Tonight”
Mad Caddies – “Mary Melody”
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – “Diga Diga Do”
Off With Their Heads – “All I Can Do”
Screeching Weasel – “My Right”

Episode #2 September, 25 2012

Mike Rabideau
Jamie Oakes
Angela Lyons
Steph Hersh
Chris Sharp

Music Tracks:
The Decline (Perth, Australia) – “Excuse Me”
The Replacements – “Tommy Got His Tonsils Out”
Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized”
Gallows – “Orchestra of Wolves”
Bad Brains – “Sailin’ On”
Bad Religion – “Leaders and Followers”
Crowbar – “Like Broken Glass”
Alkaline Trio – “Sorry About That”

#1 September 23, 2012

Dave Is A Prick – Episode #1 Sept 23, 2012.

Featured Tracks:

  • Green Day – “Nuclear Family”
  • Frank Turner – “I Am Disappeared”
  • The Menzingers – “Mexican Guitars”
  • NOFX – “I’ve Got One Jealous Again, Again”
  • Joey Cape – “I Must Be Hateful”
  • Rattlesnake Gunfight – “Let Me Down” (Tony Sly/No Use For A Name Cover)
  • No Use For A Name – “Straight From The Jacket”
  • Tony Sly – “Liver Let Die”

*I’d like to dedicate this podcast to the memory of TONY SLY. His music has brought me years of great joy. It’s heartbreaking to lose such a talented songwriter. His music and words will always have a residency here.